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Keep Moving

Why join our Personal Training Studio?

Coco's Personal Training Studio is located on 577 Hampton  Street, Hampton, Melbourne.  Our Boutique Gym is designed perfectly for Private Small Group Pt classes and 1 on 1 personal training . Allowing clients the freedom to utilize both weight machines and free weights. The Boutique studio focuses on helping clients achieve the following:

  • Weight Loss

  • Hypertrophy (muscle and strength gains)

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Postural Alignment (back, core and glute strength)



Shannon Birch

Bachelor of Exercise Science

 - Exercise Prescription and Practice

- Exercise Sports Nutrition

- Musculoskeletal Anatomy

- Bio-mechanics 1-2

10+ Years of experience in Plant Based nutrition.

10+ year of training experience

Personal training for 10+ years

What do my clients say about me?



I absolutely love training with Shannon.

Every session is individual, targeting different muscle groups, learning new techniques and how to focus on each exercise so that it is done correctly. When I turned 40 I decided it was time I did something for me and I have never looked back. 12 Kg down, a completely different body shape and I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.Thank you Shannon you have changed my life!


Kristy Teal



I have never been a passionate person about exercise but after having 2 kids, I thought it was time to get myself into shape. I was recommended to come and see Shannon and have really enjoyed the whole experience over the last 2 years. Its great working with someone who is not only passionate about exercise but is also focussed on tailoring each session to the individual person. I am proud to say that I not only achieved my weight goal but have maintained it, whilst toning my muscles. Thanks again Shannon for all your support, guidance and making each session enjoyable.

- To this day Bec has lost 16 Kg of weight, while gaining a considerable amount of muscle. It would be fair to assume that she has lost over 20 Kg of fat.


Bec Griffin



Before training with Shannon I had a membership at a regular 24/7 gym. In my years I have been trained by personal trainers working at such gyms. While I was never unsatisfied I do believe what Shannon has to offer is preferable. An open private gym, allowing for the utilisation of weightlifting and cardiovascular training simultaneously. I always leave a session feeling like I have been pushed. I love coming in to see Shannon it's an amazing environment to train in. I've been with him for just over 6 months and to this date have lost 7 kilos.



Juli Drewitt

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