Coco's Mission

Our mission is to help create a happier healthier world by educating on the importance of movement, exercise, and correct food consumption; while using techniques that help create a more sustainable environment for the earth and all its inhabitants.

Plant Based Personal Trainer in Bayside

If your looking for nutritional advice in regards to weight loss or weight gain on a plant based diet Coco's studio is your best choice!


Personally; I struggled with my weight through all of my adolescence, this might sound counter-intuitive as I have been Vegetarian since birth. In reality adopting a Plant based diet does not make you healthier, adopting a healthier diet makes you healthier. 

Vegetarians/Vegans still need to learn to cook for themselves they still need to understand the basics of Nutrition.

(Macronutrients, micronutrients, calories) 


If guidance with your vegetarian/vegan diet is what you need I have a proven strategy.   


Why Choose Shannon As Your Personal Trainer?


I just love to train. Nothing makes me happier than getting a good playlist on, getting in my headspace and lifting weights. To me, fitness is beneficial for all aspects of life, Mentally, Physically and Socially.  If you are looking for a trainer who is passionate about his profession look no further! Couple this passion with Scientific knowledge acquired through a Bachelor of Exercise Science, I will have a well layed out plan to help you kick those fitness goals!








Benefits of Training at Coco's

  1. Share in years of weight training experience

  2. Learn quick, easy nutritionally balanced plant based meals.

  3.  Train in a small group for the fraction of the cost of a PT

  4. Work closely with Osteopaths to rehab injuries

  5. Train in a gym with the friendliest rabbit in all of Melbourne 🐇